Welcome to Small World Child Care

Small World Early Childhood Center

Small World Early Childhood Center is very happy to welcome children and families for the new school year.

We are providing on-site, blended and remote services, based on family requests.

A number of health and safety protocols that support the health and wellness of students, staff, and families in have been implemented in a responsive and developmentally appropriate manner.   The administrative staff reviewed all aspects of our on-site procedures and created detailed revisions to the school routines and procedures that are aligned with CDC, DOHMH, DOE and best early childhood practices.

We are utilizing google classroom to share lessons, activities, and interactions between the educational and support staff with families who may be at home due to preference for remote or blended mode, vacations, holidays or illness.  We are also using google classroom to share information, lessons, activities, and photos with families on a daily basis.  

We continue to communicate with families about the child's growth and development through weekly communication, monthly newsletters and family activities.  We also provide workshops to families via a remote platform and share videos and virtual conferences with families to help prepare the students for a smooth adjustment to the new classroom or school setting.

Here are some of the new changes:

  • drop-off arrival routines take place in our lobby (not in the classroom)
  • increased cleaning procedures of all common areas
  • increased washing and cleaning of all class and outdoor play materials between students' usage
  • individual caddies of class and art materials per child,
  • individualized served portions of breakfast, lunch, and snack (no longer serving family style)
  • consistent pods of students and staff no substitutes floaters or co mingling of classroom for shared activites
  • use of school vs street shoes (changing and cleaning the students' and staff's shoes each day upon arrival)
  • daily washing of class materials in on-site washer and dryer
  • daily health checks of students and staff
  • small number of students per room
  • and more

Apply for 3K & UPK beginning February 24! 
DEADLINE is March 31, 2021

Welcome to Small World Early Childhood Center
We are currently accepting applications for the 2021–2022 school year,
for children born in years 2017, 2018, & 2019. 
To apply download the application below or call Staci White at:
718-963-0330 ext. 12

Small World Early Childhood Center provides a safe and nurturing learning environment for children ages 2–7 in a variety of programs. 


Our facilities were specifically designed for young children.

Our classrooms are spacious, sunny and well equipped to foster young children growth and learning across all domains (social/emotional, gross & fine motor, communication and language development, cognition and problem solving and self-help skills).


Our curriculum is an eclectic mix of children’s interests, creative curriculum and Early Learning Guideline. All curriculums are developmentally appropriate and are based on best practices for young children. The program promotes reasoning, respect and reasonability for children of all ages. All of our programs are staff by qualified and caring personnel. 

Our facilities include two large outdoor play yards, two indoor play rooms, a school library and a state of the art kitchen, where our staff prepares delicious and healthy meals each day.


  • Full daytime child care program for children age 2-4​

  • NYC Department of Education Universal Pre-Kindergarten for children age 4​

  • Extended day options for UPK students​

  • After-school options for children 5-7​

  • Holiday and summer camp options for children age 5-7


Teacher and boy (both wearing masks) play with interlocking blocks